Gunnar Mitterbauer
Business Development

About me

Hello, my Name is Gunnar Mitterbauer (GM) and I live nearby Gmunden (GM). I am the founder and managing director of the company GM-GMUNDEN. GM-GMUNDEN is offering experienced external services which are successfully proven over years!

The offered services are covering the fields of

  • Business Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Business Restructuring
  • M&A / PMI
  • Business Park Management

Track record:

  • MORE THAN 25 successful M&A processes from A to Z
  • MORE THAN 100mEur business financially managed over years
  • MORE THAN 2.000+ people business privatized and restructured
  • MORE THAN 1.8 blllion company’s strategy developed and implemented over years
  • MORE THAN 130 countries operating business transformed
  • MORE THAN 30ha Business Park developed and managed

Mag. Gunnar Mitterbauer